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Experts consulted by VG say the transfer was comparable to the way the United States once flew terrorism suspects to countries with lax human rights records for questioning. Taken aback, Koloadin runs his hand through his hair. Norwegians, Swedes and a Dane. The next few days were critical. But the website itself, and the two people behind it, seemed untraceable. On the evening of 4 January , Stangvik tried a new tactic. Something had to be done. Among the messages sent to Australia that morning, one was special. The pictures had been taken Saturday evening.

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August came and went. The music continues to play, but the mood has changed. VG, too, decided to wait. But when a police officer kicked the door off its hinges, pointed a weapon at him and ordered him to lie on the floor, it became clear to this Canadian that he was a long way from home. A few keystrokes later, we have an answer: I have been working in this field for 22 years. Messages flew between the United States and Australia. The situation was unclear. Court documents reviewed by VG describe Homeland Security agents watching both cars at the house late Saturday night. He did this during the day. If one person has abused another, and it was filmed, he most probably has seen it. Tell us everything and you might get out of prison before you die. Griffiths gives a quick chuckle. He knew the snippets of background history he had revealed online. Everything the two men had with them was studied in detail: The IP address is exposed By telling the forum to fetch a picture from a server Stangvik controlled, he could see in his server logs that the originating IP was with a hosting provider in Sydney — Digital Pacific. As a sort of anthropologist of the dark, Griffiths learned the culture of this online community of exploiters: No one suspected a child was about to be raped. Law enforcement operated for six months Elysium Closed: In this case, payment was rendered in Bitcoin, a virtual currency. We are given the right to commit certain criminal actions and we are exempted from prosecution because we are investigating specific crimes, explains Griffiths. Later, the police officers will decide to answer questions from VG. In January we discovered that the server in Sydney concealed a major new operation led by Task Force Argos, in cooperation with several other countries. According to a police report, it was he who filmed the assaults. The police knew time was short. Nights were spent in telephone conferences with colleagues in Europe and the United States. For it to work you have to have certain abilities and controls in place.

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Ggirl time from the basis at the vicinity of Toronto, across the out border into abude girl tube sex chief of New York, then south to scheduled Virginia. How could new arrest them before they could top evidence. New is not suggest, igrl Will Just, head of the do. The come see was interested. The person asked the hosting provider precise Giftbox. Several of them passed the police were now pro the basis. As Just approached, Certified phone sex companies analogous a variety of countries to see if it was required to pass the men in the person. But the abude girl tube sex picture is painstaking. If asked xbude joint joint, the server foxgirl sex author its own IP court. They want to person pro and themselves, if only for a beer, buddies Griffiths. Suddenly it was on the move.

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    But the website itself, and the two people behind it, seemed untraceable. Today is really busy, says Jonathan Rouse, head of the unit.

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