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Addiction husband sex surviving

Eventually I started declining more and more, and when he touched me, I would inwardly cringe. Then all hell broke loose, because all of a sudden I was the heartless bitch that left her devoted, loyal husband without just cause. As a sex addiction therapist, my clients describe the days, weeks, and months that follow discovery as being like drowning in a sea of overwhelming emotions. I started saving money. Additionally, cognitive behavioral therapy would be a good idea. But keeping a level head and reminding yourselves that it is a long process and that you can get through it will be an invaluable tool. Part of the reason that couples can get through the upheaval of sex addiction and recovery I think is that the addiction is really not a problem that is a product of the relationship or marriage.

Addiction husband sex surviving

He needs to access that help of his own volition. I decided to let that go after he got sober again, so that we could move forward and rebuild our relationship. But, sin is sin. He begged me for forgiveness, cut off communication with this woman, and swore to me that he had never done this before. As always, your anonymity is golden. This was one of the first assessments, if not the very first, that looked at trauma that stemmed from a spouse's sexual behaviors. You can also follow him on Twitter or like his Facebook page. With help, I can reach the shore. Again, something told me to look at his phone, and in his Instagram direct messages, there it was again- sexual messages with someone. Sex addiction has roots that go way back into childhood attachment issues and involve patterns of coping behavior that existed well before the marriage. You mentioned that he is in recovery. If you are not already attending Al-Anon meetings, now might be a good time to start. I walk around in a daze feeling like nothing matters. While the Partner Waits for the Unknown She sees him in the distance walking out of the surf and feels angry at the injustice. Their initial discovery, often referred to as "D-Day," was so surprising that they could hardly believe what they heard or discovered. Sex addicts, partners, and couples can and do recover and heal. Some couples go to couple retreats periodically or go to couple intensive workshops to give themselves a booster shot. You want it when you want it, and damn the consequences. I took him back, we went to counseling, and for the past six weeks I was finally feeling like our life together was back on track. They just need to ask for help, be willing to swim through the stormy water, and then walk the walk of recovery and healing together. What is wrong with me? Meanwhile, I had started individual counseling and was slowly re-establishing my own self-worth. Our marriage made it through that. Some women tell me that they could live without it forever. Sex addiction is not that kind of problem. We only dated for a few months before we got married, so basically I was still in sex-addict mode myself when I promised to love him until I died.

Addiction husband sex surviving

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    She looked relieved and said, "So I'm not going crazy? I lay there, hating myself and hating him and wishing he would cheat on me so I could have an excuse to leave.

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    What do I do about sex?

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    I am well aware that many women struggle with sexual addictions and pornography addictions, as well. An alcoholic will not become suddenly sober when he learns that he likes tomato juice and can have all he wants.

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