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Cancer sex partners

Health education to promote the use of condoms for sexual intercourse especially amongst young women , sexual partner reduction and negotiated safer sex strategies have been recommended as a necessary approach to limit the spread of HPV De Vet et al. Outcomes of interest included condom use for vaginal intercourse, sexual partner reduction, development of sexual negotiation skills e. This can help prevent infection. Three studies DiClemente and Wingood, ; Carey et al. Introduction Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting women worldwide. This review critically appraised outcome evaluation studies of interventions targeted at women that aimed to promote safer sexual behaviours such as condom use, sexual partner reduction or delayed first intercourse, as a way of preventing transmission of HPV and potentially reducing the likelihood of the development of cervical cancer. New scars tend to be more visible at first.

Cancer sex partners

Effectiveness was judged in terms of each of the study's aims. Characteristics of study participants A total of women were targeted across the 10 studies. Inclusion of these studies was beyond the time and resources available to this review, but future updates and an expansion of this review are envisaged within the Cochrane Gynaecological Cancer Collaborative Review Group or other relevant Cochrane Review Groups. However, only half of the studies in this review included, for example, any process measures; the range of the process measures was limited and the findings were poorly reported. Talk with your cancer care team about what methods might best meet your needs for preventing STDs or pregnancy. At these times, it may be easier for you to get all kinds of infections. Enabling women to successfully negotiate condom use with their sexual partners may therefore decrease the risk for cervical cancer. The majority of the included studies targeted economically and socially disadvantaged women at high risk for STDs, most of whom were of African-American origin living in North American cities. In terms of intervention content, factual information regarding transmission and prevention of STDs most commonly HIV was a feature in all 10 studies. However, sexual risk reduction interventions are rarely, if at all, evaluated in terms of such long-term outcomes. New scars tend to be more visible at first. Worries like this can get in the way of a relationship. Thus, those wishing to replicate these interventions need to ensure cultural adaptation to the local population. Conclusion This is the first review to address cervical cancer prevention in terms of sexual risk reduction behaviour, thus claims cannot be made regarding the impact upon the incidence and prevalence of the disease. Water-based lubricants or vaginal moisturizers may be used to help with dryness. Some lubricated condoms also have N-9, so you may want to check the label before you use them. For those who choose to have multiple sexual partners, barrier methods help to reduce the risk of infection HPV and other sexually transmitted infections STIs. Resources may usefully be directed towards further research into tackling the structural causes of ill-health which disproportionally affect women in lower social classes. If you are still uncomfortable, another option is to tell a female member of your team, like a nurse, about your concerns so they can relay the message to the doctor. Changes in body image Sexuality It might be helpful or necessary to put intercourse on hold for a while and focus on showing each other affection. During chemotherapy, a person with an infusion catheter sometimes worries that sexual activity will harm it. However, it is possible to gain some insights from the studies reviewed concerning effective methods. There are things you can do to try to prevent urinary tract infections. They need to know you still love them and find them attractive, and that you're prepared to give them the time and space to recover. You should also use condoms as an extra safeguard. Part of the reviewing process consisted of comparing the claims to effectiveness made by the authors of each study with the findings derived at by the reviewers, bearing in mind the methodological quality of studies as a base for establishing effect.

Cancer sex partners

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