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Can I get HIV from oral sex

Cases hiv transmision from oral sex

In addition, there was limited information about whether ejaculation had occurred or about breaks in the oral mucosa. I also wanted to go over some of the data that we're starting from in estimating risk of oral sex transmission. I think you don't want to make it exceedingly complex. Well, it's very low. HIV transmitted through sexual activity among heterosexuals accounted for nearly 23 percent of new infections; most of these cases were among women who contracted the virus from men.

Cases hiv transmision from oral sex

HIV positive has a detectable viral load has any cuts, sores or inflammation on the genital area. While a handful of small studies in the early s suggested that heterosexual HIV transmission through oral-genital contact may be a relatively rare event 77 , 78 , the contribution of oral-genital contact, specifically ROI, to heterosexual transmission of HIV was confirmed by a large study in New York City sex workers. Work in our laboratory has more comprehensively evaluated potential SIV entry sites, following non-traumatic application of high-dose SIV to the cheek pouch with subsequent swallowing, and has shown that in both infant and adult macaques SIV replication is concentrated in tissues proximal to the stomach, including the oral mucosa, esophagus, tonsils and draining lymph nodes, at days 1 and 2 post-exposure In animal models, vaginal and rectal exposure are done atraumatically, which doesn't really representing what happens during sexual intercourse. I just want to go over it to see if we're really starting from that point. Susan, do you have anything to say? It certainly makes sense to me that if oral sex transmission does occur, that something that would increase exposure to more virus--whether more ejaculate, more multiple exposure to ejaculate, more infectious ejaculate via STDs or a partner whose virus is not suppressed on antiretroviral regimen--will expose you to more virus, which would make you more susceptible. It seems eminently reasonable to me that infection could occur by that route. The first, genetic factors, may include CCR5 mutation or inherent factors in a host that may inhibit viral replication. So while I certainly think that we want to move people away from having unprotected receptive anal sex, and certainly want to counsel people that even if they have protected receptive anal sex, condoms sometimes fail and so there is some risk associated with that, I don't know that on the flip side we really want to say, "Go and have as much unprotected receptive oral sex with ejaculation as you want and you don't have to worry about it. There have been no per contact risks provided for unprotected receptive fellatio with a known HIV positive individual. Understanding the factors that influence oral HIV transmission will provide the foundation for developing immune therapeutic and vaccine strategies that can protect both infants and adults from oral HIV transmission. What I would say about receptive fellatio without ejaculation is that there are case reports that it has occurred, but that it is exceedingly rare, and so the risk is very low for that type of exposure. AIDS ; 16 In this study, the risk of HIV acquisition associated with oral sex was increased in individuals that smoked crack cocaine, which is known to cause oral lesions Thanks to everybody for joining us today. For men, HIV must enter through a cut or abrasion on the penis or through the lining of the urethra inside the tip of the penis. How do you translate that "1 into " into health risk communications? It's somewhat difficult to estimate the exact per contact risk because of the imprecision of the estimates, both because of what people report and because of just the imprecise nature of what's trying to be estimated, and because oral sex gets confounded with other kinds of activities that people engage in. Analingus, or rimming, is not considered to be an independent risk factor for HIV. A wider discussion of risk assessment should take place so that individuals might make informed choices about their sexual behaviour. Research suggests that men who are uncircumcised have a higher risk of contracting HIV as well as a higher risk of transmitting the virus if they are already HIV positive. It is also not looking at population-attributable risk. Oral transmission of HIV primarily occurs in two distinct settings, breast milk consumption by infants born to HIV-infected women and oral-genital contact during adult sexual intercourse. The risk of HIV and other sexually-transmitted infections can be reduced by using a condom for all forms of penetrative sex, including oral sex.

Cases hiv transmision from oral sex

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    And Eric's work is very, very important work in that it gives us an estimate that we can hold onto for having had unprotected fellatio with an HIV-positive or unknown serostatus partner and to get to the bottom line for questions, because we don't know what the risk is if you have a positive partner but we do have an actual number that has been published in this well done work. Many studies have reported a dramatic decrease in high-risk sexual activity among MSM between the s and the s 18 , 79 , 80 , resulting in a marked reduction in HIV incidence

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