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Degrading and abusive sex

Therefore they feel entitled to give ultimatums about your body. Many abusers tactics are subtle and the impacts are hard to recognise. You begin to believe the lie that if you will submit to the act just one time, then they will be satisfied and not require more of you. Take a deep breath and have a good cry before reading on. You have to lose weight or exercise more or groom yourself in a certain way to keep them satisfied.

Degrading and abusive sex

Unwanted pregnancies, disease, loss of confidence and self esteem, fear of sex, damage to present and future relationships. You begin to believe the lie that if you will submit to the act just one time, then they will be satisfied and not require more of you. Then the comments turn vulgar. Some narcissists want you to cover up in public while others want you to wear provocative clothing beyond your comfort level. Problems of alcohol or drug misuse cannot cause, or justify domestic violence, although their use may make the violence worse. Emotional Abuse Degradation, criticism, controlling behaviour, threatening violence, ignoring, withholding love or support, isolation, bullying. An abuser will use a variety of tactics, including physical, sexual, emotional and financial abuse to maintain control. Just to prove their dominance, they use your opposition as an excuse for pushing you even more. Any requests you make for sex are met with ridicule, rants about your performance, and excessive excuses for abstinence. When verbal threats fail, the narcissist will be unfaithful to prove their point. Without getting into too many specifics, here are a couple of examples: This is apparent in the general way they talk about the opposite sex. Not in a comforting way, but one that leaves you feeling like a possession. They might record you having sex without your knowledge and then beg you to watch it with them. Verbal Abuse Name calling, put downs, humiliation, threatening, undermining, sneering, brainwashing, using abusive language, shouting, snide comments. A classic example of selfish sex is unprotected sex. Sexual insults or debasing comments about your body become more common. No matter what the outfit, you are accused of being attracted to others, flirting, flaunting your body, and cheating. But for those who do advance, these acts are often criminal. It is now about intimidation, control, domination, power, torture, and terror. For the narcissist, your body is theirs and their body is theirs. Just when you believe that you have reached your boundaries, the narcissist pushes you further and further. Please find some examples below of the different types of abuse and the possible effects: Yet it is; any coerced sexual act is abusive. A narcissistic sadist will not stop their behavior even when it is identified as such. Rape, demanding sex against someone's wishes, being forced to engage in degrading sexual acts, using sex as blackmail, sexual harassment.

Degrading and abusive sex

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