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Distributor sex toy wholesale

Please make your customers aware of the risks involved in shipping this merchandise to international destinations. You've come across the only wholesale adult toy distributor that isn't trying to compete with you! Sex Toy Club also offers direct drop shipments to your customers. Efficient shipping and customer service within 24 hours. Overall I highly recommend this product! If you need a list please of countries email Us.

Distributor sex toy wholesale

We could create a retail site, reduce prices and take away business from you, but that's not what we are about. We offer overnight and 2 day shipping. It is strong and firm so you can apply pressure without too much give, yet its soft on the skin. In some instances it will be impossible to deliver. If you are not satisfied with your present supplier, back orders are excessive or don't have enough hours in the day to better serve your website business because you drop ship the orders yourself, give us a try. Daily invoicing and a PDF of your invoice is available. For an additional option, see 4. Take a minute to browse around and see what we're about. Check out our services page for more details. This will give you the absolute latest rates from OUR area. We have stream-lined the ordering process which saves time and money and ensures the highest fulfillment rate in the industry for all of our members. Overall it is a great addition to my collection. We will not take responsibility for delivery via any method. Items may be delivered by All registered members also receive an intuitive and easy to use account management system that includes order history, account balance, transaction history and a Wallet. We drop ship right to your customers which eliminates the need for you to have inventory or handle any items. Here's a few more suggestions regarding shipment delivery and tracking: How much should I charge for shipping? Efficient shipping and customer service within 24 hours. When shipping to international destinations. Our main goal is for your online adult toy store business to succeed! We then tell you that an order was returned thru the website, its up to you to credit or reship with better address. The length and width are perfect for internal use. Sex Toy Club will ship your order directly to the address you have on file. We also have all of the price lists you'll need to set up your adult toy store. At 4 pm each working day we transmit all tracking information.

Distributor sex toy wholesale

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    In fact, UPS and Fedex have recently announced that starting , shipping charges on all shipments air and ground will be determined by greater of the actual weight and dimensional weight of a package. The concept of Dimensional Weight has been adopted by the transportation industry worldwide as a uniform means of establishing a minimum charge for the cubic space a package occupies.

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