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Edisonchen sex bobochan

Reports are now saying that Gillian has attempted suicide following the scandal. But as more and more photos were released into public domain, the newspapers soon changed their tune. If the discussion does not fall into place or if anything were to happen to him, he has set automatic emails that would email the links to his trustworthy friends, so they can spread the files. Cecilia is so hairy! The reason is because there's heavy involvement from other celebrities, including HK, China and Taiwan. He did not want to do so himself, because he knew that Edison Chen has his contact information. As ESWN points out, the pictures were released in a phased rollout, leaving eager netizens "waiting all night and all day at the various bulletin board systems in Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China".

Edisonchen sex bobochan

The photographs, which appear to show Chung naked in bed with male star Edison Chen, and suggestive images purportedly of around half a dozen other celebrities, including actress Cecilia Cheung, were recently posted online, provoking blanket tabloid coverage in the celebrity-mad former British colony. What does he get by destroying the life of these celebrities? Edison was afraid he won't be able to get back all the photos. Cecilia is so hairy! And the most controversial material in Kira's collection? Through the help of magazine's editor, one of the three members from Kira's group was found. Edison Chen, 27, apologized last week in a video statement, and called the postings of the photographs "intentionally hurtful and malicious. In order to protect himself from hackers and trojans, he transferred part of his data to his Apple computer. Be careful of the viruses lurking out there when downloading stuff though! The informed source said that the technician only intended to keep the material for his own enjoyment. The first time Edison's photo got released was the result of a hacker. She also sports the same belly ring, earring and tattoos as the real Cecilia Cheung. Is a life of shame and embarrassment the fate that befalls all women who don't wax, shave or trim? Read the conspiracy theory from Hades translated by Labyrinth after the jump. So finally a female friend agreed to undertake the task of posting onto the Internet. Netizens say the bathroom the Cecilia Cheung lookalike was photographed in looks like that of Edison Chen's as seen in his blog. Kira has decided to raise the price, and released the photos the night when Edison fled HK. Even the Hong Kong cops soon conceded that the pictures appear real. The photos in question included: Various photography experts have also told the media that the pictures do not seem modified. Gossip The photos actually were stolen a long time ago. Do not think you have seen the best of all, why hasn't C10's and Maggie Q's photo being released? That was how it happened. However because of EEG's influential power, magazines were afraid to show the photos nor pay Kira. These may give hope to people waiting for the release of the source video as it may indicate Kira was not paid 1. And if you're wondering why Edison's speaking in English, he's Canadian That, unfortunately, may have come too little, too late.

Edisonchen sex bobochan

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