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How to get rid of vaginal odor fast Get Rid of Feminine Odor and Discharge At Home

Get rid of vaginal odor after sex

Any shift in vaginal odor, particularly if the smell is strong or unpleasant, demands a trip to the doctor. The manufacturer claims that it helps your body build a strong immune system and restore good bacteria in the vagina. Between showers, women can use a washcloth to gently wipe down the area, removing sweat and other sources of odor. So a subtle smell is not a cause for concern. Soak in vinegar Frequent hot baths and hot showers can upset your natural pH, but one type of bath may be useful. Compare different products before purchasing.

Get rid of vaginal odor after sex

Wearing cotton underwear and loose clothing, to prevent moisture buildup and increase airflow to the area Changing clothes promptly after exercising Losing weight if necessary Practicing good hygiene, by washing your vaginal area with warm water and non-irritating soap Avoiding foods that increase the odor Wiping front to back after urinating or making a bowel movement to prevent spreading bacteria from your anus to your vagina Eating yogurt or other probiotic foods — or taking a probiotic supplement — to balance the bacteria in your body Avoiding feminine sprays and creams, which can lead to irritation An herbal supplement called Femanol is also available to help reduce vaginal odor. Probiotics , which are good-for-you bacteria , can help maintain the pH balance in your vagina. Viruses are a common cause of vaginitis. Cotton panties wick away excess moisture from sweating or discharge. Because douching can change the natural balance of bacteria in the vagina, it can raise your risk of infection — along with your chances of developing unwanted vaginal odor. It also helps restore the normal vaginal pH level, which can remove vaginal odor. Yeast infections produce a thick, white vaginal discharge with the consistency of cottage cheese. Atrophic vaginitis, also referred to as genitourinary symptoms of menopause and vulvovaginal atrophy, is another non-infectious form of vaginitis that results from a decrease in hormones. Symptoms may include a strong, fishy odor and a thin, gray discharge. Some women have no symptoms at all. Non-infectious vaginitis Atrophic vaginitis Each of these vaginal infections can have different symptoms or no symptoms at all. Normal sweating can also be a cause a vaginal odor. You may also experience stronger smells after sexual intercourse or exercise. Unfortunately, most women with chlamydia infection do not have symptoms, making diagnosis difficult. Probably one of the most common odors in the vaginal area that we recognize from food comes from nutrient-rich asparagus! A forgotten tampon A very strong vaginal odor can occur if you forget to take a tampon out. In addition, there can be discomfort in the lower abdomen and vaginal pain with intercourse. Chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted infection STI. Rinse the vagina and vulva with plain water following intercourse. Loofahs may cause small tears and expose the area to possible infection. This is due to the possible enhanced antibody production and because forms of neem may promote the immune response of white blood cells, unleashing them — hence killing bacterial invaders. Bacterial vaginosis is an overgrowth of normally occurring vaginal bacteria. Eat plenty of spinach, kale, cabbage, salad, Swiss chard, collards and other leafy greens by including them in your salads and smoothies. Change menstrual products frequently. Sometimes the odor smells sour, but it can also be pleasant. The intensity of this odor may vary during your menstrual cycle, pregnancy, or menopause.

Get rid of vaginal odor after sex

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    A balanced diet makes for a healthy body, and that includes your vagina.

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    Vaginal Odor Causes Vaginal odor causes are still being studied, but we know that there are many things that can cause vaginal odor. Gonorrhea, another STI can also cause vaginitis symptoms.

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    Trichomoniasis can affect pregnant women, causing them to be at higher risk of delivering their babies prematurely.

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    The smell should go away once the tampon is removed, but you should see your doctor if this happens to make sure you don't have an infection.

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