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10 Things Men Secretly Want in a Wife

How to be sexy to my husband

Lying in bed, looking at the ceiling. Get out of your comfort zone. Standing at the bottom of the stairs, heading up to bed. And inside marriage sex is supposed to be a wonderful thing for both of you! If you as a wife can make it a priority to do some of this stuff on even a semi-regular basis, your husband will be willing to conquer the world for you, and will be more than willing to be there for you emotionally, be strangely communicative, and you will feel closer to him than you would ever believe.

How to be sexy to my husband

At home, wear something feminine like short pajamas, or a cotton shirt with a sexy cut. Most of all, your husband is longing to be accepted by you in this area. Chocolates also do wonders. Be subtle with your sexiness and do not throw it all out there. Be adventurous and try out new food, mountain climbing or sky diving. Bring out the toys to play. Get down dirty in the shower. Join him in the shower and help each other get clean after a steamy session. You can get things going without saying any words, if the words make you shy. When you get the thought, pounce on it and pounce on HIM, too! I bet when you saw that title you instantly thought this post was about sex. This will bring new heights of orgasm. Choose between 12 dates over 12 consecutive nights or spread it out over 12 weeks. This trick is based on highlighting between breasts and contouring around the edges. Make sense so far? You can never be sexy if you fear trying out new things. Husbands use sex to reconnect — Think of it this way: Make sure you always smell good. While surprising your husband with sexy lingerie is a bold move, doing it when he is not in the mood or has a cold will not work. Don't Leave Just Yet! Remember our Top 10 Tuesday strategy: If you're sitting down to watch TV together, talk to him about the things you like about his personality. Send him tasteful, sexy text messages every night. Surprise him with an at-home date night. He will be turned on just by looking at your body. But good girls DO want sex!

How to be sexy to my husband

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    A few examples would be: Men love bragging about their wives so give them a reason!

  2. Gardabei Reply

    Not only will he love it, but you just might find yourself thinking about sex a little more during the day, leading to a greater chance of you desiring intimacy later that night. You can take him with you on a hike.

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    When he arrives home from work, turn off the lights and pull the shades down.

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    That way he feels like you understand he has a legitimate need, he feels like you care, and he feels like you want to help him as soon as possible.

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