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How to sex green rams

Breeding color becomes more colorful. Once they reach sexual maturity, the color differences between the sexes becomes very apparent. I specify that only because in many cases, shipments of blue rams farmed in some parts of Southeast Asia tend to contain only males. Successful keeping normally includes mechanical and biological filtration as well as regular water changes. Use a timer to control the lights, as erratic light patterns may confuse the fish.

How to sex green rams

A well-acclimated electric blue ram normally accepts many different types of food. The stress of being moved to a new environment can make the fish lose its appetite, so be prepared to coax it with mosquito larvae or similar foods. In the absence of the rock they like, the fishes can clean the bottom from the sand and lay the eggs right on the tank bottom glass. Both sexes will have a large black spot on their sides. As previously mentioned, if you wish to breed electric blue rams, include several flat stones or breeding slates in the setup. The green terror fish female waves over the eggs with her fins and the female guards the territory from strangers. Start feed for juveniles is the following: The Spawning Prior to spawning, a flat stone will be cleaned or a pit will be dug in the substrate, sometimes adjacent to a stone. Electric blue rams are still less commonly available than other ram varieties, and may be more expensive. Figures derived from ram cichlid breedings show that an average female will deposit to eggs, but anything between just 20 and over have been reported. One parent will guard the territory from potential predators while the other fans fresh water over the eggs to keep bacteria and fungi away. Female ram cichlids, on the other hand, do not have the extended dorsal and ventral filaments; have a shorter, more stocky body compared to that of males and often a sport a reddish-purple abdomen when in good condition. Male Rams will have a taller, more flat appearance. Green terror cichlid juveniles are quite large and they have good appetite. The same is about green terror family — it is recommended to keep one fish couple in a tank to avoid fights. The main difference is that the dorsal rays are gold, not black duh! Most of the time, we use the body shape and size to determine the sex of EBRs. I specify that only because in many cases, shipments of blue rams farmed in some parts of Southeast Asia tend to contain only males. How do you determine the sex of ram cichlids? Nudging and twirling are two other clear signs of forthcoming spawning, and sometimes the male electric blue ram can be observed darting away from or sliding against the body of the female. There are even reports of aquarists successfully housing German blue rams in moderately hard water, so this might be possible for electric blue rams as well. More electric blue ram breeders need to publish their egg counts before a reliable number can be obtained. Are there enough hiding spots? See the full article on TFH Digital http: Both parents take care of the eggs. The parents will continue to care for the offspring and round them up in a dense school.

How to sex green rams

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