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Rossa sex

They flipped and turned, and did almost every position you could name off the top of your head. Would I do it again? One catch, you might get called up on stage! This nonchalant and accepting attitude seemed to be a common trend with many of the people we talked to regarding sex work. This show was an hour and a half long show, with six rounds of different couples. Of course, the biggest draw is the live sex acts and these are certainly well in attendance. The club gets a lot of business from stag and hen bachelor and bachelorette parties and takes bookings for groups of no less than ten, so be prepared to meet some quite large and excited groups of revellers. It is famous because of the numerous sex shows they perform.

Rossa sex

Casa Rosso looks after its performers very well: In fact, I think it should be legalized. All the couples you see on stage are actual couples. We were given the night off after a day filled with a walking tour of the Red Light District from a male prostitute, who has truly done it all sex wise. I have put it out there, in print and on the internet. We were taught how to appropriately walk by the windows, especially at night with the red lights glaring. Next came two girls, confirming to the crowd what real lesbian scissoring sex is like, for those that were always too modest to find out the real details. Those were definitely the three best acts I witnessed. This is all to create a space that is safe for their staff and enjoyable for their customers: We all shuffled into our seats right in time for the first act to commence. They flipped and turned, and did almost every position you could name off the top of your head. But, this first act was only the beginning. For large groups such as stag parties, booking can be a good idea but, as mentioned above, only if your group is of ten people or more. Expect to see a variety of acts, live sex straight and lesbian , funny performances, pole dances, strip acts, a banana act and a smoking pussy. Now since these people were not actors, there was definitely some awkward moves. He started working there in and became the owner in When the show ended and our high wore off, everyone was almost dumbfounded and was without words. After hearing about these parties, we were lucky enough to get to watch BDSM porn together. Tickets and availability Entrance to Casa Rosso does not come cheap, but neither is it so expensive as to make it impossible to visit. He openly said to a room full of year-old girls that young year-old girls were his type. When we got back to the hotel, there were whispers about who actually wanted to go, and after my group of friends agreed we all wanted to, we jumped on the tram to head back into the Red Light District. He recommended a sex show, Casa Rosso, if we were interested, mainly because all of the sex done in the show was performed by real couples, and they were treated well. Check for information on the Casa Rosso reservation page. Now he goes to Amsterdam at least ten times a year for sex, spending an ungodly amount of his life savings on female bodies. This show was an hour and a half long show, with six rounds of different couples. How do you discuss with your new class friends everything you just saw? The room is air conditioned for those sweltering summer months, although the performers certainly aren't wearing enough to benefit, and there is a decent sized bar, which you may not need to use thanks to the attentive table service.

Rossa sex

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