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Tantric sex spirituality practices

I had just asked Margot Anand [formerly Margo Anand], the world-renowned teacher of tantric sexuality, if modern tantra may not really be a genuine spiritual path. In saying all that, some gentle breathing all the way down into your low back and belly during a 15 to 30 minute meditation can be a great preparation to drop into new layers of your sexuality. The deeper you can love yourself, in the true sense of the word, the deeper you can love God. This energy can then literally shower over our entire being, rejuvenating, purifying, healing, strengthening, which is one of the many benefits of engaging in sacred sex. Break the taboo by just talking about sex. When two bodies are joined, a very special temple is created through the force of two spirits, two energy fields, blending into one. For many years, tantra was misunderstood as simply sexual healing and indulgence. It is time we saw sex as the truly sacred act it is:

Tantric sex spirituality practices

Image Source In many cultures, sex is considered merely recreational. Some people do break free of their programming, although I do find a lot of people are living out their lives, never really being able to let go and experience their bodies in a healthy, sexy way and to reach their full range of sexual expression. It is in this union between the masculine and the feminine, which is a creative and erotic act, that all the forms of the universe are born. This is sacred sex. It can be a portal into a meditative and essentially prayerful state. Posted on July 27, Views: There are so many myths in our religious traditions that are simply totally ridiculous, including the myth of Adam and Eve or the Virgin Mary. A powerful energy flows between the two bodies that is deeply healing, strengthening, refreshing. When we let it move as it will, we find that its natural movement is upward, through our abdomen, into our hearts, and still further upward into higher centers of energy and glandular activity in the throat, the forehead, and the crown of the head. It truly is a game-changer. When the fruit is ripe, the fruit falls off the tree and there is no longer any need for the fruit to be on the tree. The idea that we have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness has caught on. There is nothing to reject in our sexual energy and our sexual relationships—there is beauty in each moment of our lives. This refers to the web of life, of being fully involved in all aspects of life and participating in the world. It seems to me that, more and more often, I feel that I am free. If you make this a daily practice, you may soon notice how different it is each time. If you do this exercise, you will probably discover that it strengthens you sexually, giving you the control to prolong and enjoy sacred sex as long as you want. You may also be able to release more deeply into depths of pleasure you did not know you had. He leads seminars in northern California and gives teleseminars that reach people all over the world. But you have to dig it out from underneath the pile of karmic crap and misery that it is buried under. The physical symptoms can include vaginal pain during intercourse, inability to orgasm, numbness, premature ejaculation, inability to ejaculate, dry vagina, burning sensations, weak or loss of erection, cramping and loss of libido. However, tantric sex might be the way to rekindle your relationship and get back in sync with your partner. Not all spiritual sexual experiences are mind-blowing euphoria. It requires great sacrifice and compassion. Many opportunities are available to you in this sacred space, and I encourage you to step into the beauty of your sexuality to discover one of the most amazing aspects of being a human being.

Tantric sex spirituality practices

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    Spiritual Sexual Preparation Tip 3: I did that many, many times until finally I burned through it, and I understood that the higher practice resides at another level.

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    Shame, anger, self-hatred, and a lot of stuff has gotten stuck in sexuality. When the fruit is ripe, the fruit falls off the tree and there is no longer any need for the fruit to be on the tree.

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    With practice, we can use the ecstasy that is generated to expand beyond the individuals we are physically connecting with and feel the oneness of all. A lot of the time, there's a bunch of inner healing that has to happen first.

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    Releasing Deeply Into Yourself and Spiritual Awakening An amazing thing can happen here--well, a whole lot of amazing things can happen--but sexuality can also be a conduit to awakening.

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