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Why is sex smelly

How sex affects vaginal odor Some women notice a strong fishy odor immediately after sexual intercourse, which is a telltale sign of bacterial vaginosis. But one other important thing that characterises a romp in the sack is the smell that comes with it. We all have a distinct "brand" that's a combination of the natural bacteria that reside in our vaginal tracts, diet, hygiene, clothing choices and gland secretions. This odor changes with hormonal shifts during pregnancy, menopause , and the menstrual cycle. Between showers, women can use a washcloth to gently wipe down the area, removing sweat and other sources of odor. The smell is not entirely offensive, but uniquely noticeable.

Why is sex smelly

Changing underwear daily, or when underwear is sweaty or soiled. Probiotics may help prevent some vaginal infections, especially yeast. When something upsets the vagina's complex chemistry, harmful bacteria can grow out of control, producing a fishy odor. The vagina, just like the mouth, the skin, and other areas of the body, has a unique fragrance. There are bacteria in the vagina that protect the organ naturally. The cause is unknown, but unprotected sex and frequent douching can put you at higher risk. Between showers, women can use a washcloth to gently wipe down the area, removing sweat and other sources of odor. Avoid using scented or flavored lubricants. Various fragrance free products can be purchased online. On how to care for the genitals and avoid infections after sex, the medical expert advised that the first thing men should do after sex is to urinate and then take their bath. Here's what you need to know: It's neither safe nor healthy to attempt to eliminate the vagina's scent. This prevents fecal matter from getting into the vagina. Rinse the vagina and vulva with plain water following intercourse. That's not all — "Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted infection caused by the parasite trichomonas vaginalis," Okeke-Igbokwe continues. The smell is not entirely offensive, but uniquely noticeable. Adesanya advised that women should also urinate after sex but they should desist from inserting their hands or any cleaning agent in the vagina to avoid infections. In the words of Dr. Others notice a less distinct smell. Fishy vaginal odor Bacterial vaginosis BV is the most common vaginal infection among women of childbearing age. Rotimi Adesanya, said semen, which is the male reproductive fluid, has a smell and the vaginal fluid also has its own smell. However, once they clean up, the smell would cease. Hilda Hutcherson, stated that what happens when secretions from two partners mix during sex is a chemical reaction that creates its own smell. According to Adesanya, if people are not hygienic enough in their genitals, it would pollute the smell and make it worse. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH. Tweet Pin Feminine odor, unfortunately, is one of those things that is shrouded in mystery, which makes most of us feel like we're kind of walking the path alone whenever something smells off. People can treat these infections using over-the-counter medicines.

Why is sex smelly

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