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10 Weird Sex Facts That You Should Know

Wierd sex news

One day I was having sex me on top and things got really heated. It turned out I got a full on concussion. Yea, that gem deserves to go in the history books for sure! I didn't know what to do so a pretended to fall down and hid. My ex thought he had made me cum HA , needless to say we were both confused for a good 10 minutes. So here are 10 weird sexual fantasies which are nonetheless very common: Police forced their way in after neighbours raised the alarm and discovered his remains with the Wurzel Gummidge-lookalike.

Wierd sex news

It was lying next to the deceased and had a six-inch strap-on penis. Alamy A clumsy vicar was hospitalised in Sheffield after accidentally getting a potato stuck up his bum , but it was definitely not due to a sex game. It may be memories from a previous particularly hot sexual experience, or it may be images from porn, or it may be fantasy about a secret crush. My ex thought he had made me cum HA , needless to say we were both confused for a good 10 minutes. The guy who tried to have sex with a car wash vacuum A man was spotted acting suspiciously at a car wash Picture: He threw on his pants and left on the condom why? It was right over a major artery and the force of the love bite had created a clot which caused a minor stroke. Surgeons managed to remove the vibrator, but he died two months later after failing to recover from his injuries and septic shock. When we fantasize about being sexual with someone of the same sex, we get to ponder what it would be like to be touched in ways that are both foreign and familiar when we touch ourselves and to break free from some of the gender assumptions that we normally enact. The driver definitely noticed. Christopher Lynn Jackson branded his name on at least one former girlfriend's genital area. The vicar hospitalised with a potato up his bum A potato landed a vicar in hospital Picture: Exhibitionism — Ever wanted to make a homemade porno? Talk to Nairobi News: Hospital tests then revealed she had a condom lodged inside her lungs which she'd inhaled, without actually realising it, during oral sex. He'd used three cans of nitrous to blow the prophylactic up then suffocated while pleasuring himself. Nose Ring Nathan "I have my nose pierced. There were no signs of violence and we are working on the assumption that the man died during sex with the scarecrow. Spokesman Rodolfo Moure said: The second is the feeling of letting go of control and being taken or used for the pleasure of another. Chris Pagano, dubbed the Swiss cheese pervert, was arrested after police released a photo of a trouserless man dangling a slice of the smelly stuff in the air. New girlfriend Heather McCarthy started to have visitors to her home from strange men, asking her to perform sexual acts. Man tries to have sex with an entire family This citizen was arrested after driving miles to get it on with a man he met on Family4Love. The fantasies could include being genitally stimulated by a foot, being walked on… usually in shoes, or just visualizing different types of shoes to get aroused. Sex with scarecrow Photo: PA Andrew Davidson , 25, had consumed a cocktail of legal highs and alcohol when he attempted to have sex with a drinks trolley on a busy train in Girl brings home other girl from the club.

Wierd sex news

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